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Yelena Tylkina, August Sacred Muse Featured Artist

Yelena Tylkina, August Sacred Muse Featured Artist

Yelena Tylkina Thoughts:

Find that being an artist is a unique experience for each of us and I would like to know how you experience being an artist. 

Why are you an artist, and why did you decide to become an artist? 

Talented and seriously creative people do not make any decisions to be what they are already. An artist is just a tool in the hands of nature, God, a Higher Power, the Cosmos, sub- consciousness. An artist’s role is to depict already- made- masterpieces by nature, God, and the Cosmos but with a unique, individual, perspective. Art is the only subject that separates us from beasts and elevates us as humans to a higher level of consciousness. Through the artist’s work the rest of the world can be provoked to think of the ordinary as holy images of the infinity of our earthly existence. 

My family used to ask me why almost all the people in my paintings are nude. 

What are some specific artist traits that you have in your paintings and why? 
I can’t speak for other artists, but I do not exclude anything in my work. I work in many medias and am constantly seeking new ideas of self-expression as an artist. 

What famous artists have influenced you/muses/mentors do you have and why? 

A lot of great artists were before us and around us. But the important thing is to find your unique visual language in the creative fields. The skill to copy others does not an artist make. Every client and every model is my Muse. Some of them are more special than others, because of the depth of their soul. I love all of them. They are my source for intense and endless inspirations. 

What inspires you to create art? What do you do to keep motivated when your inspiration runs low? 

Inspiration is around us. I can’t stop working. Lazy, lame people look for excuses and explanations: why they can not work and do not have motivation. A real artist has to work every day like it his/her last day on earth. 

How do you handle the business side of your art?
 Do you have a personal website/blog? 
Business side of our work can be very, very difficult. Much of it is pure luck and connecting with the right people. I handle it the best as I can. I try to help people to see more beauty around them and maybe inside of themselves. I am a professional artist with a well developed, unique artistic style, which includes: graphics, portraits, black and white and color paintings, murals, logo design, illustrations. 
My personal web: 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
As a Master in her prime. My name “Yelena Tylkina” becomes a fingerprint of my artistic expression and an important part in the world art history. 

What advise to you give to other artists? 
If you do not have an insane love affair with your work, and you can’t work like an art machine, call your artistic endeavor a hobby. An artist must be possessed by his or her work. 

What is your favorite thing to paint? 
People. I like to discover what is inside of their humanity. 

Why do you love art? 
You are asking me why I love breathing. Artistic creativity for me is air, pure oxygen, freedom, and the endless Cosmos, with all its infinite beauty.