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Sacred Muse Featured Artist Move The Needle

Move The Needle

HandmadeFlower Card

Handmade Music Card

Words from the Artist;
 I'm Anna. I'm 21 years old and currently go to a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. I sell handmade paper items such as journals, greeting cards and boxes

Pink Journal 

Leopard Print Journal 

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Sacred Muse Artist Interview Darice McGuire



Artists thoughts; 
Art has always been in my life in one form or another. I grew up in a very talented family. Both my parents are artists. My mother is a fabulous landscape oil and watercolor painter and my father is a highly skilled wood worker who enjoys building furniture. Both my parents owned and operated the most popular art gallery on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for nearly 40 years, Lakeside Gallery. My mother taught art to children and adults and my father built frames. Growing up at the gallery I learned to paint from some of the best art teachers around, including my mother. And I learned the skills of framing by a master, my father. Growing up in Lake Tahoe and raising four children on my own was a challenge. The creative atmosphere of Lakeside Gallery helped me balance the challenges. 

I now live in Chico California. My children are grown and have children of their own. And I'm still surrounding myself with art. I teach oil and acrylic painting to children and adults at the best frame shop in Chico, Art Etc., where I also work part time as a framer.

Darice Machel McGuire



Why are you an artist,and why did you decided to become an artist? 

Being an artist is as natural to me as breathing or eating. I have always been creative. Both my parents are creative. My mom is an artist, her mediums are oil and watercolor. She is also an art teacher. In fact she was my first oil painting teacher at age 16. My dad is an all around 'handy with his hands' person. He is a master framer and builds furniture. Together they owned and operated a Gallery in Lake Tahoe for close to 40 years. I grew up in the art world and was surrounded with art everyday. 
Hawaiian Warrior Helmet

What famous artists have influenced you/muses/mentors do you have and why ? 

The most influential artist in my life is my mother. She may not be famous by worldly standards but the influence is still the same. She has taught 100s of people how to paint through the years, children and adults. Her love for the arts went beyond passion, skill and devotion, she was constantly learning, growing and evolving. Everything she learned she passed on to her students. She is 82 now and is still learning, evolving and teaching. I hoped to be as active as she is when I'm her age. 
Li River China

What inspires you to create art? What do you do to keep motivated when your inspiration runs low? 

It's not often I run out of inspiration or motivation to create art. I'm surrounded by it everyday. I teach oil and acrylic painting to children and adults 5 days a week. The constant flow of creativity keeps me going. On the rare occasions of low inspiration and motivation I revisit my photo morgue. Not only does this refresh my motivation, I get to enjoy the memories of wonderful moments in time.

Tahoe Rocks

How do you handle the business side of your art? Do you have a personal website/blog ? 

The business side of my work takes up a lot of my time, more than the creative side. I show my work year round, at three locations in Chico, California. The first place is at my studio, Art E Studio, which is located in Downtown Chico. The majority of my work can be seen there. The two other locations are a Title company and a Doctors office. My web site, is where I offer for sale my original paintings and signed and numbered prints.  I also show at art events throughout the year.
I'm also a full-time art teacher. I run my own art school from my studio, I have a Facebook page for my art school as well. 

The Blue Door

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

In 10 years I will be enjoying the fruits of my labors. I can see myself going to art openings of some of my (now) students. I have some very talented kids in my art school, the youngest oil painter is 10 years old. My own art work will have evolved to exciting new levels. I plan on going from the 'starving artist' stage to the 'well known, making good money' stage by then.

What advise do you give to other artists?
Try different styles, techniques and mediums from time to time. Doing new things will bring a freshness to your art. Keep searching for ways to show your art and don't give in to negative criticism. Don't let your ego get out of control. Not everyone will love your work the way you do and many may not understand why you do it. 

This Old Tree

What is your favorite thing to paint? 

I love painting landscapes. Mountain, trees, sky, oceans and the like. I have lived at and traveled to some of the worlds most beautiful places, such as Lake Tahoe, Mexico and Hawaii. I never get tired of looking at nature. I have a hard time staying indoors on a beautiful day. I take a lot of photographs for references everywhere I go. Painting from my references helps me to relive that beautiful day, or incredible sunset. 
Hilo Garden

Why do you love art? 

Everything! Creating something from nothing gives me such a thrill. The process of painting is so meditative and calming, causing me to lose track of time and presence. I have been known to be so absorbed into my painting that I don't hear or see people watching me until they speak to me. 
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Sacred Muse Featured Artist Sorin Apostolescu

Sacred  Muse Visionary Art Featured Artist ;
Sorin Apostolescu

Sorin Apostolescu was born in a litle town in Carpathian Mauntains, Azuga in 1960.
He lives and study in Romania and France.He is a member of SLBA LYON and he had many Exhibitions in Romania, France, Brasil,Switzerland, Germany, Italy.....  This is his amazing beautiful art.

Saint Mary Icon 

Jesus Crucifixion


On the Beach


You can find his amazing work here Sorins Portfolio  I encourage you to check it out.
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Saagarika Creations Sacred Muse Featured Artist

Saagarika Creations

Artist Medium
Beads,Clays,Metals,watercolor,acrylic,gemstones and plastic

Reshma, one of a kind Gypsy Jhumka Hoop earrings famous in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India

Exquisite White Lotus on chocolate brown recycled paper.

Beautifully handcrafted Rani Necklace 

Chandrika( Moon) Jhumkas. Lovingly created with Pure Silver Filigree work and top quality Topaz Swarowski Crystals

Words from the Artist;

I am an artist from India now living in California.I have been an artist since childhood. I love creating beautiful things.I like experimenting with colors,and always come up with unusual, exciting combinations.I love to travel and this reflects in my artwork.I am good at drawing and painting with pencil, watercolor, acrylics and also an expert at Photoshop. I recently started making Jewelry, and am self taught. I'll try to come up with unusual designs with inspiration from India, Royal India, Bollywood, Sarees and beautiful things around us.