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Featured Artist Joe Triano

Featured Artist Joe Triano
Joe Won the Visionary Art Contest on Congratulations!

Joe Triano was  born on March 5 to a working class family in Harrison, New Jersey not far from the city of Newark. His art education is largely informal, and began on his twelfth birthday when he was given a monograph book chronicling the life of Vincent Van Gogh; in later years,he would study under the tutelage of renowned artists Taylor Oughton and Vernon Wood.

In his work he allows the painting to guide him. 
The colors he  employs are dictated by the piece itself, as it comes to 'life.' 
He believes that the use of color is directly related to the manner in which van Gogh organized his palette, that is, without restriction. 

His art is verybeautiful and conveys many powerful messages both sweet and bittersweet.

From Joes Biography;
"I find it impossible to explian my deep-seeded passion for the plight of the American Indian, during the mid to late nineteenth century, at a time when America was caught in a painful period of growth, expanding westward. Though my kinship with the Native American is a mystery to me, I know one thing for certain: I did not chose my subject, instead, it chose me.

I hope to inspire the viewers of my work to form a lasting relationship with the subject of each painting."



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