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Saagarika Creations Sacred Muse Featured Artist

Saagarika Creations

Artist Medium
Beads,Clays,Metals,watercolor,acrylic,gemstones and plastic

Reshma, one of a kind Gypsy Jhumka Hoop earrings famous in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India

Exquisite White Lotus on chocolate brown recycled paper.

Beautifully handcrafted Rani Necklace 

Chandrika( Moon) Jhumkas. Lovingly created with Pure Silver Filigree work and top quality Topaz Swarowski Crystals

Words from the Artist;

I am an artist from India now living in California.I have been an artist since childhood. I love creating beautiful things.I like experimenting with colors,and always come up with unusual, exciting combinations.I love to travel and this reflects in my artwork.I am good at drawing and painting with pencil, watercolor, acrylics and also an expert at Photoshop. I recently started making Jewelry, and am self taught. I'll try to come up with unusual designs with inspiration from India, Royal India, Bollywood, Sarees and beautiful things around us.


Diana said...

Lovely feature! And what a country to be from as far as inspiration! I'd love to go to India one day. Also California too!

Fusion Of Light said...

India has to be surrounded by deep inspiration : )
Lovely Creations!
If you would like to be featured just give me an e mail : )

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