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Sacred Muse Featured Artist Rae Chichilnitsky

Sacred Muse Visionary Art Featured Artist
Rae Chichilnitsky

Rae Chichilnitsky was born in Kishinev (formerly USSR, currently Moldova) where she spent first half of her life studying classical music and fine art and earning her MA degree in Musicology and Fine Arts from the Institute of Art, while pursuing her studies she worked as a freelance book illustrator at the same time. After coming to the United States in 1976 Rae has changed her professional orientation and joined the corporate world continuing to express her artistic nature part-time. In 2002 she has left her successful career in a major corporation in order to dedicate her time fully to pursuing her creative interests. 

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This Painting won the  Sacred Muse Tree of Life Contest!

Rae is a multi-talented, versatile artist who enjoys complete artistic freedom, bringing the whole gamut of concepts, moods, emotions and fantasies to her work, which involves multiple genres, media, applications and covers a wide range of subjects -- from deeply philosophical to humorous, from the ones dedicated to a purpose to the ones with no purpose other than simple decorative pleasure --and forces the individual to pause and wonder just how seriously one should take oneself. Some of her work was created with children in mind, and some is more adult-oriented. She is equally comfortable with monochrome and color. 

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Although one can find a number of eclectic influences, Rae’s style is completely unique. Without being attached to any of these influences and moving freely among them, Rae developed her own style purely from her creative ability and abundant imagination. Inspired by different emotions and interests, Rae is equally gifted in expressing herself in painting a Byzantine-style icon one day and decorating a furniture piece the next. She always creates something new and original, preferring this approach to copying existing styles or images. Being multi-talented and feeling a natural connection among visuals, words and sounds, Rae sometimes merges all these components into one, creating synthetic imagery. All this gives the viewer something of special value in that they know what they are seeing has never existed before. In the past, Rae’s work was exhibited at a several times and some of her work has been sold and now resides in private collections across the USA. 

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Here's what Rae says about her work: 

“Art had always been my passion, but only recently, I’ve decided to return to it professionally. I see beauty and magic in everything and am quite eclectic: from time to time I fall under spell of different things and have a need to wander into an uncharted territory and try something new. All my creations come from my imagination and are 100% original. I enjoy working with various subjects, media and styles: old and modern, eastern and western, deep and mundane, realistic and abstract, as they all blend naturally into expression of richness of life and human condition. I mostly work in acrylics, markers, pencils, watercolor and mixed media. My artwork is done on stretched canvas, paper, Bristol board and wood and I use only high-quality artist grade materials. I accept work on commision.” 

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Rae is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and an artwork contributor on www. literacyhead.com (a unique e-publication that promotes literacy through use of visual art among children) 

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