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Sacred Muse Artist Interview Anna Duyunova

Anna Duyunova 

Anna won 2nd place in the Visionary Art Contest that Sacred Muse hosted on FAA. I have found Anna's art brilliant,uplifting,beautiful and refreshing, I hope you will enjoy it too.

"Art is my passion and my escape from hard life moments. I am not so sure how it came to me, I played with crayons and colors in age two, after played with images and pictures which I painted. They used to be my best toys, and later I became more serious: Art School, Art Studios, Art and Theatre University, and I am still learning...I like to draw and paint nudes as well, showing the beauty of the human body. My favourite artists are impressionists and post impressionists, the best for me is Michael Vrubel. 
I was not able to create anything for few years due some life circumstances, so I do not have any problems with ideas and inspirations. I guess, I accumulated them, and now ready to release them. It is not easy to handle money making and making Art, but I try my best to manage both sides. My kids are grown up, so it helps somehow. I have websites via e-galleries; they listed in my profile page. I do not like to give advices, just be yourself and try to express what you are really meant. Well, I do not know where and what I will be in ten years. Life is an adventure, and we are just hope for the best. "
Anna Duyunova 

Annas work is soft yet very penetrating right through the soul.

Fleeting, spantaneous visions,containing the poetic aspects of reality.

Her works hang in private galleries and collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Canada, USA


Prints of these works are available on her portfolio, please check it out.


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