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Sacred Muse Artist Interview Lavender lemon

Sacred Muse Visionary Art Artist Interview
Lavender Lemon Etsy Artist
I found LavenderLemon as I was browsing the ETSY forums looking for new talent and interesting blogs and I found her blog and work and hope you enjoy !

Please tell us about yourself and what initially internally inspired you to become a crafter/artist?

When i was young i was very inspired by magical creatures and the unknown. I was interested in the stars and the mysterious mummies of egypt. When i started to get older i got interested in Dragonball Z the japanese animated cartoon and thats when i really started to draw everyday and practice on my drawing skills. I would say that i was always interested In anything to do with crafting and art i was always trying to make something or try something new. My dad and my grandma are also painters too so that was very inspiring.

What projects are you working on at the moment that really excites you and why?
I am working on a digital collage in photoshop right now , i am also in the rough stages of researching and doing drafts for a childrens book. I just bought a canvas as well so i can do a real media collage. Collage is new to me so that is why it excites me ,and about the book that I am in the stages of creating its also very new to me and i have all these ideas that i can't wait to get on the paper.

Who or what is your creative muse?
I would say the human body is amazing. Music. In terms of artists that i have been inspired by it would have to be Bosch, Francis Bacon and fashion.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your creative ventures?
I want to continue collecting vintage pieces of sale and for myself :) . I want to get my second year in art school done. I want to grow as an artist and learn new techniques. 
I would love to be more perfect with my printmaking abilities.

How do you breakthrough creative blocks?
 I usually just look for inspiration in nature. Nature can be so simple,but yet so complicated and it really gets my mind churning. I start thinking of life ,and what is still undiscovered and i start to think of what could be out there ,and how we even got here. Its just mind blowing! Also I listen to music and surf the net for things that i enjoy.

What is your favorite theme that you create in often? DO you have creative patterns that you favor over others? 

Probably microbiology,and bright colours. I usually do the strange rather than the normal. When i start to paint something like flowers and fruit I feel too confined and it shows in my work. I like to work loosely and not think of my mistakes. I am not a perfectionist.

How do you deal with the business side of your art? 
I haven't started selling my art yet. As of now i just sell my vintage clothing on etsy. I would really love to have someone that would teach me the in's and out's of selling your art online. I feel like i dont want to just jump into it without learning a bit more. I 've tried learning from the etsy forums,but no one has really talked about it :(.

What medium you do usually work with? 
I do alot of sketching so alot of the time i use pens . Sakura brand being my favourite. But if i was in a studio and had all my own materials i would be doing printmaking. I also love to work with oil. When i was first learning how to paint with oils i actually despised it ,but i learned that it was because i hated what still life i was painting.

What message to you project with your art/crafts?
Life. Humour and the strange.
What advice would you give other artists and crafters? To keep practicing and striving to learn new techniques. Learn from other artists and research other artists of our past. Many great artists of our time studied other artists even when they were well regarded in the art world. I also would say to take criticism from all angles and from all people. Everyone sees things differently.

Do you work at certain hours of the day or night? Do certain times inspire you more or less?
Sometimes early in the morning when i first wake up and iam in a daze from my dreams and just still tired i get alot of wierd thoughts that inspire me,but iam more of a night person when i can create.

Do you have a blog/website that you can share with our readers?
yes :) . I have my etsy vintage site which doesnt have very many items on there at the moment because i recently moved,but here it is and my blog 


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