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Sacred Muse Artist Interview Barbara McDevitt

Barbara McDevitt
"Irish Castle"

Artist Interview

Find that being an artist is a unique experience for each of us and I would like to know how you experience being an artist.
 My experience as an artist is both satisfying and frustrating.  When I am painting it is like taking a mini-vacation and I go off to another world full of peace and tranquility.  When I am out with my camera I see wonderful and beautiful things that might be missed by others or even myself if I'm not really looking.  The frustration comes when I view the photos I have recently taken and find that I did not capture the mood or vision that I thought I saw and in painting, well it could be a color or a reflection that alludes me, or a detail I can not decide if it enhances the painting or makes it too busy.  And then there is always that question of when to stop and call a painting completed.  I have many paintings currently stored in the attic that simply need to be completed.  I take my vision to a certain spot and then just can not decide how to finish or put in that last bit of detail that I think it needs.

Why are you an artist, and why did you decide to become an artist? 
I have always enjoyed art.  Always soaking in colors and atmosphere.  I try to be an artist because it gives me great joy to create something beautiful. 
"Forrest Pathway"

My family used to ask me why almost all the people in my paintings are nude.
What are some specific artist traits that you have in your paintings and why?

 I don't think I have any artist traits in my work.  I think I am still trying to find my style. 

What famous artists have influenced you/muses/mentors do you have and why? 
 The great seascape artists of the past have always inspired me. 
"French Countryside"

What inspires you to create art? What do you do to keep motivated when your inspiration runs low?
 The play of colors in a given light and the magnificent beauty of nature inspire me.  When inspiration runs low I take the time to review old works of mine with a new eye and also use that time to re-organize my work space and tools. 
How do you handle the business side of your art?
 For the  business side of my art I am very undisciplined and always yell out to friends that I need a manager.  Someone to push me when I think I can not continue or to take better care in tracking costs and expense. 
Do you have a personal website/blog? 
My personal website is which I have had now for over 10 years.  The domain was purchased as a gift to me from my daughter.  There you will find a detailed biography and a history of my attempts at being and artist.  I try to update the NEWS page there each month to keep my fans informed of what I am continuing to do in the art world.  The site has had a following mostly from carousel enthusiasts and those that enjoyed my Irish themed works on ancestral slate.   My logo which is a small painting done in acrylic on canvas board includes both the carousel and the Irish influence.  I did the painting years ago and it hangs framed now in my entry way.
"Rainbow Cottage"

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
 I tried to make a living as an artist and enjoyed those half dozen years but find that I am now back working a full time job.  Ten years from now, or actually sooner, I expect to be retired and hope that my endeavors now as an artist will supplement that retirement.  When I no longer have to work for someone else I see myself once again painting on a daily basis while I continue to advance my technique both at the easel and with the camera. 
"Red Door Cottage"

What advice do you give to other artists?
 Never get discouraged.  Art is very personal and you never know what someone else might love about your work.  Don't be afraid.  Follow your heart.
"Study In Blue"

What is your favorite thing to paint?
 I still love seascapes and anything that has to do with moving waters.  I also very much enjoy painting carousel ponies and fussing with all the detail involved with them. 
"Hills Of Ireland"

Why do you love art?
 Art can change our environment and our outlook on life and living in a beautiful way.  In producing art we enhance someone else's surroundings.
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