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Sacred Muse Featured Artist Sharon Sieben

Sharon Siben won the Sacred Muse Dreamy Art Contest.
There were 72 Artists that filed entries and 163 pieces  of entered art.
So many wonderful pieces of art that were submitted but Sharons art stuck out at me, her work is all rather soft and dreamy even with the use of bright colors. Her concepts are very interesting and hold your eyes attention for a great amount of time. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I have.

Sharon Sieben
Artist Statement;

Although I did like to draw and paint when I was much younger, I never particularly wanted to be an artist until I became concerned with what to do after retirement (there is no such thing as retirement!).

So I bought canvas, paint, charcoal, paper, et cetera (it's almost as much fun to shop for art supplies as it is to paint) and the rest is history. It seems that if I am not painting, I am thinking about what I will paint next.

I believe that I always wanted to do this and I also believe "there is a time and place for everything under the sun". The time for me to paint is NOW and I find myself loving every minute of it!

Buds and Blooms

Dia De Los Mueritos 

Night Blooming Cactus


By The Sea

Sidewalk Cafe
All That jazz


Sharon Sieben said...

Thanks for hosting the contest. I enjoyed participating!! And thanks to the people who voted for "Along the Path". This is actually a nice shady spot along a path in "Boyce Thompson Arboretum" in near Superior, AZ.

Sacred Muse said...

Thank You for having beautiful work !

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